PROGRAM Diagnostic Assessment	中文能力测试
-	了解孩子的中文程度及语言能力
Diagnostic Test
-	Measures the level and language skill of the students and evaluate student’s ability
Initialize the starting point 	起跑点
-	从孩子适合的语言程度出发。
Starting point
-	The starting point is where the students are most comfortable by considering their language ability.
Build solid linguistic foundation in Mandarin
a) Multimedia Flash Card system  
b) Fun activities
c) Reading	
Brain Bees 中文课程利用1500个中文常用字(本土化,主题形式)引导幼儿巩固中文基础。
Brain Bees Mandarin builds students’ solid Mandarin foundation by covering 1500 Chinese characters.
- 引发幼儿阅读兴趣
- 培养幼儿自主学习,热爱学习
Using range of stimulating resources and fun activities to
- cultivate young children’s interest in reading
- foster young children learning independently and love to learn
Children are encouraged to read as soon as they have built the foundation of Chinese characters recognition
Pave the road to higher learning and performance	提前进入广泛阅读,知识日益丰富
Accelerate young children to broaden their knowledge through early reading and grasp the essential foundations of early literacy skills.

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